2024 is here and many of us set good intentions and New Year’s resolutions, which then quickly fade in the rush back to work. But rest assured, if you’re making your health (and your happiness) a priority this year, we can help support you in this process.

So, whether you’re keen to get to the bottom of why you’re tired all the time, or if you’ve been putting off getting a problem sorted, we’re here to help.

Health Screening

When was the last time you had a really thorough health check up?

As we get older, it becomes more and more important to spot health conditions early, so we can take action. Just as importantly, understanding your health status allows us an opportunity to really optimise your health in a holistic way.

Our Well Man and Well Woman health ‘MOTs’ are a one-hour, in-depth consultation about your health, in which we address all your health concerns and goals, followed by a thorough examination. You’ll undergo comprehensive blood tests, blood pressure and ECG testing, urine and qFIT testing, and for women, a pelvic and breast exam.

You’ll then have a follow up call with a report about your results, what they mean, and together we can then understand where you’re doing well in terms of your health, and where action may be needed.

Over our many years of performing health screens at Essex Private Doctors, we’ve uncovered a number of serious health conditions (including melanoma) that had gone unnoticed, and we’ve also been able help many people to improve their hormonal health and mental health.

Aesthetic Treatments

If you’re looking to boost your complexion and appearance after a tiring winter, we provide professional skin care (for anti-aging, acne prevention and skin brightening) and aesthetic treatments, including anti-wrinkle injections.

So, give yourself the best start in 2024, and book a consultation or health MOT today.