Our Fees

Our Fees

Please note, we accept payments by card, but not cash payments.

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Consultations Price
GP Consultation New patient £160
GP Consultation Existing patient (if seen within the last 2 years) £125
Menopause Consultations Price
Menopause initial consultation £265
Menopause follow up consultation £175
Prescriptions Price
Repeat Prescription free within an appointment
Repeat prescriptions issued outside appointments for limited 1 month supply £35
You will be prescribed enough medication during your appointment to last until your next review and repeat prescriptions are discouraged without an appointment. If you have not attended a review appointment and you then run out of your medication, provided it is appropriate to issue, a prescription for a limited supply of medication for 1 month will be given and you will be asked to attend an appointment before this runs out.
Home visit Price
Home Visit within 3 miles £350
Home Visit outside 3 miles Price on request
Well Man/Well Woman Health Screening Price
Health Screen/Annual MOT £875
Medicals Price
Taxi/HGV Medicals £200
Medicals e.g occupational/employment medicals or fit to compete from £200

Please email us a copy of the medical form so we can see what is involved to enable us to give an accurate cost

Investigations – all investigations are done as part of a consultation Price
ECG £100
Full sexual health screen £570
Smear Test (includes HPV and PAPT) £307
Blood tests
(Blood tests are taken during the consultation and are not a standalone service. The reason for doing the blood test and the costs involved will always be discussed prior to the test being taken. Some of our more commonly requested blood panels are below. If there are specific blood tests required please email for a price.)
Price on enquiry
Well person profile: Full blood count, kidney function, liver function, lipids (cholesterol), thyroid function, HbA1c (diabetic check), bone profile, ferritin, vitamin B12, folate, vitamin D £438
Female hormone profile: Oestradiol, SHBG, testosterone £202
Prostate test £184
Procedures Price
Ear syringing Consultation + £60
Armpit injections for hyperhidrosis £550
Family Planning/Contraception Price
Removal of coil £200
Insertion subdermal implant £400
Removal subdermal implant £265
Contraceptive Depo injection Consultation fee + £40

NB: Should advice be required regarding other methods of contraception after removal of either a coil or implant, an additional GP consultation fee is applicable.

Minor surgery Price
Minor surgery e.g. skin tag, wart from £300
Minor surgery – mole excision from £400
Minor surgery – cyst from £500
Histology from £145

A prior consultation is required and then you return to have the minor surgery on a different day

Joint injections Consultation fee + £150
Completion of forms Price
Authorisation of insurance claim forms No charge if part of a consultation
Private sick note No charge if part of a consultation
Solicitors letters from £200
Aesthetics Price
Wrinkle reducing injections (1 area) £210
Wrinkle reducing injections (2 areas) £265
Wrinkle reducing injections (3 areas) £320
Lower face multiple areas from £400
Armpit hyperhidrosis injections £550