Our patients tell us that one of the reasons they love coming to Essex Private Doctors is that they can choose to see the same GP, who really gets to know them as a person, and their healthcare needs.

Not only does it feel reassuring to see a familiar face when you’re unwell, science has now proven that seeing the same GP is actually better for your health.

The study, carried out by Cambridge University and Insead Business School examined 10 million GP consultations over a decade. They found that there were multiple health benefits for patients who formed a long-term relationship with their GP, particularly if they had multiple health problems, mental health problems, or were an older person.



In an era of ever-dwindling NHS resources, it can be almost impossible to see the same GP, and in 2023, only 16% of NHS patients managed to get to see their preferred GP.

At Essex Private Doctors, we believe in the ‘traditional’ GP-patient relationship and really value getting to know our patients. This enables us to spot when something appears ‘out of the norm’ for a person, which might otherwise go unnoticed. It also means we can truly get to the root cause of a problem swiftly, without the person having to re-explain the situation over and over again.


Which GP might be best for your needs?

We are true generalists, which means that we have a very broad range of skills and experience, but we also have niche areas of clinical interest.

Dr Grundy Wheeler specialises in men’s health, minor surgery, sports medicine, joint problems and injections.

Dr Beddoe excels in paediatric problems, ENT and allergies.

Dr Athreya enjoys dermatology and minor surgery

Dr Scott is a women’s health and menopause care expert.


So, if you’re looking to get a health issue sorted, book an appointment today.