We are all going to age and we are all going to look older – FACT!   Not everyone wants to go for growing old gracefully and why should they.  You have probably heard of Botox or Wrinkle Injections and I want to let you have the 7 facts you should know about Botox:

Fact 1: Botox is an injectable solution to wrinkles, spots and ageing lines.Wrinkles

Fact 2: Botox side effects are temporary

Fact 3: Botox requires maintenance and expense

Fact 4: There are 7 botulinum toxins that stop muscle contractions (Acetylcholine)

Fact 5: A Botox injection should only be carried out by a certified professional because it is a medical procedure.

Fact 6: Botox Injections can be used on different parts of the body, including face, hands and feet.

Fact 7: Botox can be used by men and women to provide a more youthful and relaxed appearance.

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